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John Zieman Artist Statement

John Zieman has been directing and editing film and video in NYC for many years.  The wide range of credits include documentary, feature film, advertising, and cultural / arts programming.  
Throughout the years, he has continuously created his own personal Video Art work, and worked on high profile projects with other video artists – including Nam June Paik, John Sanborn & Kit Fitzgerald, and Dara Birnbaum. His latest work, "Time Suite", is a formal visual exploration of a new technique with great emotive possibilities.



3-D viewers feel spatially immersed, as animated texts map the topography, dramatically sculpting the layered portraits. Exploring themes of private narcosis and external vigilance, the texts suggest a query: "When might the inner search be an inadequate strategy?"


using a projector on set, animations of text are mapped onto the bodies, and a layered portrait is recorded. the subjects appear to "embody" the text.  time suite explores our feelings about time and its passing. 


animated text projected on dancers. first dream explores inner thoughts and relationship dynamics.  text animation is choreographed to body positions and movements.


the first portion of a 2 channel work in progress, this excerpt shows a technically demanding violin solo and piano accompaniment.


created for lincoln center's "vision into art" series, with nationwide tour. shown in concert  accompanying composer nico muhly's live chamber ensemble new work.


a short video art exploration using documentary modes of inquiry, layering imagery, text, and actual location sound into a cultural portrait.

MEDIATION (excerpt2)

jury rigged tape delay system, using 2 open reel tape players with one tape traveling between them.  the actors appear over their delayed prior images original electronic music composition using high frequency digital signal generators.

MEDIATION (excerpt1)

includes appropriated broadcast footage and an original text manifesto concerning human evolution, progress and the future.


video and sound composition musing upon the global water shortage, featuring dancers under sheer fabric, water imagery, colorizing techniques, and video feedback.


fragmental urban exploration with original sound.