Zieman directed and produced this award-winning documentary starring Edward Norton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mayor Bloomberg, and many others, in the crucial years before The High Line was funded and approved, to great success. It was un-missable, viewed by over 1,000 commuters a day, projected large in a dark theater created between 2 massive highway billboards, erected inside NYC’s Grand Central Station. Featuring notable expert voices from architecture, urban planning, Parks Dept., including city, state, & national politicians. Zieman filmed the entire High Line, walking with a Steadicam, as an overgrown wreck, already slated to be demolished. This film helped galvanize public opinion toward making the abandoned elevated train track into today’s park, now the third most popular tourist site in NYC. (Music by John Petersen)

Technical Specs

Run Time: 3:00
Dimensions: 720×486