MOUSEYFESTO (2015) (HD, Stereo) Exhibited as a sculpture, featuring a video monitor inside a cork plinth, also exhibited as a single channel HD. A thumb-sized mouse, rendered into a nearly psychedelic, god-like presence, musing upon human overpopulation and water shortages, saying: “Well, you know, The trees have long memories, and they say – The humans used to struggle, now they are overtaking. Natural predators used to keep the herd size down – Now even the weak ones are reproducing. The runoff from their nests messes up the ponds, the lakes, the oceans. They messed up the air, even the weather. Seems like every year, it’s the storm of the century. They chopped down so many trees, and these crazy new winds break the arms off the trees that are left. The human are totally overbreeding. They drill down so deep to drink the water first. Overpopulation! They are their only enemy, and they’re gonna take us all out with them!

Technical Specs

Run Time: 3:54
Dimensions: 1920×1080