A gentle meditation on “the difficulties challenging traditional beauty in the post-modern era”, this immersive video installation strategically overwhelms the viewer’s eye from 3 sides, filling their peripheral vision. Each of 3 HD channels are presented up to 16’ wide x 9’ tall, for a total of 48’ wide. This vast experience can’t be fully appreciated online or on a single screen. This excerpt starts with a mockup of the 3 screens, then continues with the center screen only…

Zieman shot all the footage, wrote the texts, edited, and also composed the 48 track soundtrack, solo in the studio. This work was presented in various galleries and art fairs in US and Europe. Original length 5:25 (Excerpt 1:52) Edition of 5, with 2 AP.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 1:52
Dimensions: 1920×1080